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Benefits of the Florae Hair Serum and Why You Should Add a Serum to Your Regimen

Have you tried using a hair serum consistently in your regimen? Do you know why a hair serum is a great addition to your hair care routine?

In today’s blog post, we want to break down why serums are a great idea for your healthy hair journey, and why you should add our SANA Oil Serum to your hair regimen. SANA is the Latin word for health and healing, both of which form the basis for our product development at Florae.



What is a Hair Serum?

A hair serum is a lightweight liquid-based product that is designed to coat the surface of your hair. Serums are primarily to insulate and fortify the hair surface and provide an outer layer of protection from the environment. Serums also provide shine and smooth frizz.

Benefits of Our Florae Beauty SANA Oil Serum

Now before you think to yourself that you don’t need to invest in yet another oil, here’s the biggest thing about hair serums that no one really explains. Hair serums help with reducing breakage and length retention.

 Our powerful SANA Oil Serum formula provides lubrication to your wavy, curly, and coily strands helping them to glide past each other instead of rubbing together and creating massive amounts of tangles. Less tangles means less knots and breakage. Less knots and breakage mean more length retention of your hair growth. Our serum also addresses thinning strands by providing a protective layer around thin strands helping them be more resistant to splitting, dryness, and breakage. This can result in hair that appears, fuller, grows longer, and has more shine.


Here are our key ingredients and their functions:

Apple extract and antioxidants: Smooth frizz, add shine, provide a protective barrier around the hair shaft to protect from environmental pollutants.

SANA Bioactive ComplexTM: our proprietary blend of plant oils and extracts designed to nourish the hair strands, and promote fuller, softer, and longer hair over time.

Crambe oil: Soothing oil that helps to balance the scalp and give scalp relief due to anti-inflammatory properties.

Just like our SANA Deep Treatment Mask, our SANA Hair Oil Serum is crafted at a high concentration meaning that each drop goes a long way and delivers potent protection to your textured strands with each use. We have blended a silky, non-greasy, and lightweight formula that is made with your textured hair  in mind.

If you want to address dry brittle ends, tangles, thinning hair, and breakage, our SANA Oil Serum  is perfect for you.

 Shop our SANA Hair Oil Serum today.

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