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Article: Welcome to Florae Beauty - The Answer to Your Hair’s SPECIFIC Needs.

best styling products for curly hair

Welcome to Florae Beauty - The Answer to Your Hair’s SPECIFIC Needs.

How many times have you bought hair products searching for the right combination for your hair only to end up unsatisfied with your purchases and still not getting the results you want?  How many times have you tried the latest organic, or all-natural shampoo or conditioner and still ended up having curls that don’t “pop” or are still too dry? How many times have you felt that you would never find something to work on your multi-textured hair?

Don’t worry, we have experienced that frustration and we are here to help with a line that truly works. Before you get skeptical and click away, hear us out. Haircare products should not be one-size-fits all even though the mass market sells products this way.  There is very intricate science behind each head of hair. This is where Florae Beauty comes in.

At Florae Beauty, we specialize in addressing the specific needs of your hair by taking a very whole-person approach. Treating your hair is more than just using a product and hoping for the best result. There are several factors that must be considered. Your hormone balance, your diet, your hair porosity, and hair texture should all be considered when choosing hair products that will be best for your hair needs. 


About Florae Beauty

Florae Beauty is the brainchild of our Founder and CEO, Natalie King, PhD. 

best treatment for curly frizzy hair

Growing up as an Afro-Latina female, Dr. King has always had to find ways to care for and embrace her multi-textured hair. After experiencing periods of damage, loss of shine and luster, and overall reductions in hair thickness due to several life factors, Dr. King used her science background to start formulating homemade hair treatments to test on her curls. Once she realized that her formulas were giving her better results than the products she was buying in the store, Dr. King focused her energy on perfecting her formulas and creating a solution that would be more than one-size fits all, and tend to the various changes her hair might be going through as she transitioned back to her natural curl pattern from repetitive heat damage. Florae Beauty focuses on personalizable hair care for women with textured hair types. We’ll give you the right tools to nourish your locks and restore them to their original beauty.


How Florae Beauty Works

Our flagship product is our SANA Superfruit Deep Treatment Mask. We personalize this product by offering additional high-performing booster extracts to give your textured hair the proper nourishment that it needs to achieve optimal health.

To match you with your perfect haircare formulation, we ask you to take our Florae Beauty survey. The information you provide us in this survey will help us select the appropriate booster extract formula that you will add to our SANA Superfruit Deep Treatment Mask to ensure that once our deep conditioner begins to penetrate your strands, you are getting the specific ingredients that your hair needs to thrive.


Why Should You Invest in Our Personalizable Hair Products?

Each of our booster formulas are created with active concentrations of organic and botanical ingredients that are carefully crafted and designed. Higher concentrations of ingredients mean a more powerful formula that truly works.  With Florae Beauty, you can apply our products to your hair knowing that the active ingredients are truly penetrating your hair shaft to deliver best results.

Our customized booster formulas are designed to address various issues you specify in our survey with consistent use. The base of our deep conditioner moisturizes and hydrates the hair. Each added booster formula is designed to do a range of things including treat breakage, fortify the cuticle, repair damaged hair strands, and define your curl and coil pattern. Because our brand is rooted in science, you can trust that your hair is getting real ingredients of the highest quality.


Take the Plunge

If you are tired of trying multiple products that don’t work for you, it’s time to take the plunge and try Florae Beauty.  Take our quiz now and get started. Welcome to Florae Beauty!


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