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Article: How A Personalized Hair Care Approach Will Help You Reach Your Hair Goals

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How A Personalized Hair Care Approach Will Help You Reach Your Hair Goals

With so many products on the market, what is the advantage of trying personalized hair care? The biggest advantage to personalized hair care is saving time and money. Yes you read that right. A personalized approach saves you time and money in the long run because once you have a line of products that addresses your specific hair needs, you will have no reason to buy several other products!

Personalized hair care goes to the root of your hair issues and considers a complete approach to helping you take care of your textured hair in the right way. Our Florae Beauty survey is designed to consider not just your hair type, but how you wear your hair, your general lifestyle, if you are taking any medications/have any health issues, and a range of other questions.
Your hair growth is directly related to what you put into your body internally and not just what products you apply to your hair and scalp topically. Many hair care brands do not go this “deep” into the science of hair care, but Florae Beauty does!

At Florae Beauty, our mission is to empower women to love and appreciate their textured hair and to provide you with the tools to take charge of your wellness journey. We want you to understand the “why” behind every strand of your curls and coils. We want you to feel stunningly gorgeous when wearing your natural curls and to be bold in your multi-textured beauty.

Once you take our survey, our team will be able to offer specific high-performing botanical booster extracts based on the answers that you give. This booster will be added to our treatment mask and tailored to your specific hair needs at the level of the strand. Every time you give your hair a deep conditioning treatment, you will be using a blend of ingredients that are designed to give your textured hair the very best nutrients.


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Traditional hair care products can only offer you generic ingredients with a standard concentration that are mostly too low to have any significant effect on your strands to address your hair issues. At Florae Beauty, our team has designed science-based formulas that have higher concentrations of pure and organic ingredients which sets us apart from numerous products on the market. This guarantees that you will get your money’s worth when you spend your money on our products.

Not only do we offer a personalized product approach, we will offer periodic personalized hair wellness education directly to your inbox and will throughout the coming year host informative digital health events with various hair wellness experts. All designed to help you learn how to truly manage your hair texture with ease.

If you have always wanted to embrace your textured hair but were too overwhelmed with how to care for it, we are here for you. Join our email list and sign up to take our Florae Beauty Survey. Take the personalized approach with Florae Beauty. We promise you won’t regret it! Shop now!

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